2. Main Material Body: PET resin gel
  3. Pad: Polyacrylamide
  4. Glycerin Remote: ABS resin
  5. EMS devices: Rechargeable
  6. Power source Input: 100-240V,50/60Hz
  7. Output: DC5V 1000mA 
  8. It's light and portable.
  9. Lose weight faster
  10. Post-partum and more

6 Pack EMS Abs Stimulate Abdominal Trainer Belt (Unisex)

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    • It's for muscle training and body slimming.
    • This muscle toner can help to tone, tighten and strenghten your body muscles, you can gain a better figure after consecutive use of this product for about 2 months.
    • EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) through current stimulation, directly send signal to muscles, and promote muscle movement.
    • About 20 minutes(10mins low level, 5mins medium level, 5mins high level).
    • There are 10 modles and 20 levels of intensity optional to help fat burning and muscle growing.
    • It equals to 2000M running, 60 minutes of sit-ups,
    • You can use this EMS ab trainer anytime, anywhere. It's super light, ultra thin, WEARABLE, and convenient to carry on.
    • Body Fit Pad can be worn unobtrusively under your clothes, making it ideal for muscle training while ready.