• 360 º Rotating Seat
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • Helps prevent back pain
  • Acts on your entire core
  • Gives you the perfect six pack abs
  • Six Pack Care is one of the best fitness machines that acts on your entire core to give you the perfect six pack abs that you have always dreamt of. Central handles make press-ups possible.
  • You can align your head and neck comfortably while the rolls provide you with a light massage every time that you exercise. Six Pack Care is equipped with chest expanders which strengthen your arms, upper muscles and back.
  • Its 360 º rotating seat makes exercise of oblique muscle possible. Features Adjustable head massager, soft back massager, 4 main different abdomen exercise, adjustable length size training ropes, comfortable seat leg and arm training part benefits of six pack care. With regular exercise.
  • in six pack care, you will get stronger back muscles. It helps in preventing back pain. It strengthens the cardiovascular system. It helps to combat impotence body conditioning It helps in smooth blood flow to every part of the body.
  • It helps to strengthen the cire and reduce waist by few centimeters.

Heavy 6 Pack Care Exercise Machine With Paddle (Cycle)

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